Hi! I'm Gil Kulers and I write about wine. While I somehow got a high-falutin' wine educator credential, I try to keep the overboard pretentiousness to myself. Through my columns in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Golf Digest Index, I try to help people "get it" when it comes to appreciating wine.
And that is you really ought to think about what makes you happy and forget about what other people declare that is good/bad or otherwise about a wine.

If you want a helping hand as you explore the vast world of wine, then perhaps I can be your tour guide. I hope to keep the site chock full of helpful information and entertaining accounts of my own wine-soaked journeys.

I hope to see you back here soon!


The Doorway to Everyday Wine Enjoyment

The Word--Look for Kulers Uncorked every week in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Food & Drink section and the By The Glass column, featured quarterly in Golf Digest Index magazine.
The Info--Lead beverages instructor at the Southern Wine Education Center at Chatahoochee Technical College.
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